Destination weddings in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas has several wedding venues that we love!

Esperanza resort in Los Cabos ranks one of our all-time favorites. Sunset da Mona Lisa in Cabo has the best view in town. So we put them together and Tatiana and Ilyia had their dream wedding.

No one knows how to have fun like the Russians. If you ever have the chance to get invited to a Russian wedding do not dare miss it!  Tatiana and Ilyia did everything right, starting with they hired Be That Bride Events to help with the wedding planning

We worked with the hot pink color and the touches of silver, creating a great décor and ambiance for great scenario at Sunset Da Mona Lisa.

If you’re planning a destination wedding and think a wedding planner is an added cost… you may want to rethink that? The wedding started at Esperanza Resort and then ended up at Sunset Da Mona Lisa. There was not a moment of the day that did not have something exciting happening! The wedding was detailed to the max.

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