Are Destination Weddings In Cabo For You?

So you are engaged! You have the man of your dreams and the fun journey is beginning of your big day to become a family. But the question that you have to decide first, what kind of wedding are you wanting to have? Do you want a big southern wedding surrounded by hundreds of people? Do you want a smaller but still large group of people in a location that is significant for both of you? Or do you want to have a beautiful intimate destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas with just your closest friends and family?

These are the big questions you need to ask you and your fiancé so that you can decide where to even start your planning. Today, we will just be laying out the information on why Cabo San Lucas is one of the most sought after locations for destination weddings. We will help give you information so that you have the tools you need to decide on if a destination wedding in Cabo is really for you.

First, you and your guests will be surrounded by beauty and gorgeous weather the likes of which you have probably not seen many other places. You will be able to stick your feet in the crystal blue water of the Sea of Cortez or take a sunset cruise around the city and the famous Cabo Arch as the sun sets over the whole city. The beauty that Cabo has it one of the many reasons people flock here year round not just for vacation, but to exchange vows. Having the ocean waves roll along the beach as your back drop as you say “I Do” is something not many can ever forget.

Second, you not only get to have your wedding some place gorgeous, but you get to enjoy a vacation with your friends and family as well. Many people come here for often a week and enjoy spending time relaxing with all their family and friends. Sipping drinks by your resort pool, enjoying a fishing trip out at sea to have a restaurant cook up your catch of the day for dinner. It’s paradise! There are so many different adventures that you can take part in while you are here and really get to explore and enjoy an entire trip celebrating your wedding day instead of just one day.

Third, you will be able to have your closest friends and family with you all in one place. Sometimes with the huge amount of people that usually come to a wedding in the states, you get lost in the chaos of wanting to say hello to all your guests. With an intimate wedding in Cabo, you will have your closest friends and family there and will know that each one will have such a unique and intimate experience with your whole wedding that everyone will feel special to be apart of it. You will be able to spend time with each guest for not just your wedding day, but the whole trip!

Destination weddings are a chance for people to get away from the stress and chaos that usually come with planning a wedding. It lets you enjoy your wedding day with the ones you love as well as a beautiful and relaxing vacation with your new hubby and all your guests. Contact us at Be That Bride Events and let us plan your whole day and trip to Cabo. You will not be disappointed!



Destination Wedding Venue, Esperanza

Beautiful Ladies, Beautiful Backdrop at Espreranza Resort
Photography by Alec and T; Wedding Planning by Be That Bride Events

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