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The wedding reception is  likely going to require the most organizing and planning with regards to your wedding. The decor for the ceremony will include a variety of things. This often depends on whether you are having an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Tables, chairs, columns, gazebos are just a few of the MANY options you have. Flatware, silverware, plates, centerpieces continue this endless list of options. Cabo San Lucas has many great decor rental options

The style and theme of the wedding will determine whether you have a formal sit-down reception or a more informal buffet. Then colors are selected to create an overall backdrop to your theme. Also determine the details such as favors, table centerpieces and flower arrangements. This is the biggest party you will ever throw, so seriously all details need to be perfect. Be That Bride Events understands wedding planning, throw in Cabo San lucas and you are guaranteed the perfect wedding!! Let’s get started today…contact us today!

Photos: courtesy of  Alec & T. Photography

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