Deciding the color Theme for your Destination Wedding

Having your Destination Wedding in Los Cabos, you can take advantage of the natural colors and incorporate it into your color theme!

The golden sand and the blue aqua ocean are great combination for a Wedding Color Theme!

However, you can choose your preferred ones accordingly with your likes. Just try to have maximum to color palettes, and you can use different color but from the same palette.

Another important element to consider is the venue for your wedding reception. Check with your Wedding Designer at which colors of flowers, walls, curtains or décor have the place that are not removable, and try to match your color theme with it.

Another important point is the contrast that you should consider with the dresses of your bridesmaids and their flowers. Make sure that are not the same color, so the contrast on the pictures will look great!

Have fun sectioning your color theme and based in that, you can be adding the appropriate colors and décor!


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