Close the deal in Los Cabos with the right hands!

Ceremony and Minister, two of the most important parts for you Cabo Wedding!

You’re Ceremony and the person who performs it, should be one of the best decisions you will make.

There is no rule for choosing the person who will perform it. You can choose male or female, a friend, a family member or one of our Cabo non-denominational Ministers but you should feel very comfortable with the one that you select.

Ask to your Wedding Designer at for the best Minister at Los Cabos!

Ministers are allowed to perform ceremonies in parks, beaches, mountains, boats, hiking trails, hotels, banquet halls, private Villas, and many others.

Any of them should collaborate with you both to create and perform personalized ceremony that reflect your beliefs, philosophy of life, and personality,

Very important, there is no legal filing of paperwork required for Symbolic Ceremonies performed by a Minister.






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