Wedding color - Orange

As we move on to probe the qualities of another color – in this case, orange, remember that choosing your wedding colors is an activity you will want to accomplish in the early stages of planning for your wedding in order to incorporate it into the fabric of your wedding.  Color is said to emulate personality and establish a backdrop for picturing your upcoming life together.  What does it imply, when your primary wedding color is orange?

Orange stimulates the mind.  It is invigorating, and it gives the sensation of warmth.  Because it is a very visible color, it will capture people’s attention and highlight your vibrancy as a couple.   Created by combining red and yellow, orange presents the vitality of red and personifies the happiness of yellow.  It speaks of cheer and liveliness, originality, self-confidence and boldness, accomplishment, and incentive.  What a great picture to paint of yourselves and your relationship, just by picking a color which you enjoy!

The beauty of orange as a wedding color is that it tends to stimulate two way conversations. It is considered stimulating physically and mentally, frequently prompting people to engage others in conversation!  Additionally, orange is thought to stimulate the appetite, so think of orange at your wedding as the perfect catalyst for your guests to join in your celebration!

Cheers and happy celebrating!


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