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You’ve chosen Mexico as the site for your destination wedding Good for you, that’s a great start.  It’s a big country and it offers a number of cities throughout that could work for Mexico wedding venuesWe here at Be That Bride Events believe Los Cabos to be one of the best options if your guests enjoyment, the weather, the beach and spectacular venues are a priority.  So, now that that’s decided, let the planning begin!  To ensure the best experience possible for your guests and your budget, you will need a Cabo wedding planner to address the challenges of a destination wedding.

Wedding planners are great resources, for example, if a themed wedding is in your wedding vision.  Themes require certain elements to make them work and a good wedding specialist will know which vendors to use and how they operate,  saving you the experience of any bad surprises.   There are usually several choices for any given vendor category; floral, linens, cake, make-up and hair, and so on.  Not all of them will be suitable for every wedding couples needs and vision.  Hiring a professional, from Be That Bride Events, will ensure you waste no time making your decisions and you’ll get it right the first time.  We will only recommend vendors we can count on and that understand the level of quality we demand for our destination wedding celebrations.

Wedding Ensembles

Traveling for your destination wedding can get cumbersome with your gown and those of your bridesmaids.  You can rely on your destination wedding planner at Be That Bride Events to arrange for easy transport from the airport if needed and assist in all the logistic details that surround your wedding. 

 Hair & Makeup

One more important aspect of any wedding is the aesthetics of your wedding party.  Cabo San Lucas boasts several superior stylists in both hair and make-up.  We, at Be That Bride Events, only work with professional artists that can not only produce the fresh look that this destination demands, they will also be pros that work within the timeline set by your wedding planner.  So, if your best friend is in the wedding and she happens to be a make-up and hair stylist, you might want to have her style you and your bridesmaids, however, with a hired professional you don’t run the risk of overwhelming her nor overrunning your timeline which is a very important factor for any wedding and even more so for a destination wedding in Los Cabos because you will want to record your experience through well lit photos and videography, as well as catching the short window of opportunity for unforgettable sunset shots, some of your most memorable moments.   Count on your Cabo wedding planner from Be That Bride Events to help you with these decisions, she will know what will work for your day and what will not.  

Wedding Flowers

The florals you choose for your wedding in Cabo can include almost any blossom, however, keep in mind that all flowers are flown into this desert area.  Unless, of course, your theme is local rustic, in which case, desert blossoms and other flora are available.  Otherwise, your flowers will come via the flower marts in Mexico City or Guadalajara, often imported from Holland depending on the season and blossom desired.  Your Be That Bride Events specialist will know the best options to suit your wedding date and budget.


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