Changing your Wedding Dress during your Destination Wedding at Los Cabos!

When you think in your beautiful Gown, maybe you would like to use it during all day and night. But maybe you would like to use another  more comfortable attire during your dinner and reception, so think about all this when you are going shopping!

Most of the Brides would like to use a long Wedding Dress for ceremony, with a big tale for walking down the aisle, but after the Professional Photo Session ends, will be great if the Bride is able to change her dress into an elegant, short comfortable one, so she can eat, drink, jump, perform and special dance, have fun but mostly feel very nice.

Also you can change the color of your changing wedding dress, or simply adding or taking out some items after the ceremony is done. With this you will add different touch to your Wedding Reception and party!

Ask to your Wedding Planner at for some more ideas accordingly to your wedding venue.





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