Centerpieces for your Cabo Wedding Reception!!!

The centerpieces are very important part of the decoration for your Wedding Day!

You can use your preferred flowers and colors! You can use crystal cylinder, square, tall, short or wooden rectangular vase… with some candles around it the table presentation will change dramatically, also you can re-purpose your bridesmaid’s bouquets and add more great centerpieces to your décor.

In Los Cabos, most of the time we have an excellent breeze, so from our experience, if you really like candles and you’re having your reception outdoors, then we recommend to use led candles, nowadays you are able to get beautiful led candles that twinkle like real ones!

So it is time to start looking for your preferred centerpieces, you should check with your wedding planner at which tables shape are available for your reception, based in that, start thinking in your preferred ones!








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