Having your Catholic Wedding in Los Cabos!

Yes, of course you can have a Catholic Ceremony in Los Cabos.

We have beautiful Blessed Churches in Los Cabos where you can celebrate your Holy Matrimony.

Of course there are some rules and procedures to follow up with ahead of time the ceremony date.

One option will be if your own Priest is able to fly with you, he can perform your ceremony in our Churches.

If your priest is not able to come to Cabo, then we have to check the availability on the date and on the Priest here in Cabo.

If this is the case, you should have the Catholic preparation at home, in your Church, when the preparation is done, then you should require a letter that verify that you both have complete the preparation and are ready to get Married for a Priest. That letter should be sending it to our Dioceses in La Paz. Then our Priest will be able to marry you!

Ask to your Wedding Planner at BeThatBrideEvents.com to provide you with all the information and to check the availability on the date for your Big Day!

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