Cabo Wedding Updates: Hurricane Odile

We know all of our wonderful brides are worried sick over our staff here in Cabo San Lucas! Well rest easy ladies, we are all safe! We are working hard to get information for all of our clients about when resorts will open up and when venues will be up and running. As of right now, the consensus we are getting is that most resorts will be re-opening after the first week in October. As well as many venues will be reopening around the same time. We do not have exact dates but are working hard to get as much information as we can.

We do not want any of our brides to be worried about their wedding day! We are still working hard to make sure that your day is perfect and will pass along and post information as we receive it. We ask that you be patient in this process until we can get in touch with the correct contacts and get official information from each resort. Your wedding day is very important to us and we will do everything we can to make sure you are informed and happy for your special day in Cabo San Lucas.

Check back with us for updates on information on our blogs and Facebook page!

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