A girl’s wedding dress is the most exciting and emotional part of the wedding planning process. Going from store to store trying on dress after dress until you get that one perfect dress for you. It’s like a fairy tail come true! But here in Cabo San Lucas, you have the chance to maybe just go a little crazy with that perfect dress. You may call it crazy, but we say trash the dress!

Before you say no, hear us out on this! Trash the dress goes much deeper than just a crazy moment between two love bird. It signifies the end of a journey a bride has taken to find her one true love in her life. This moment (usually done the day after the ceremony so don’t worry about the reception!) is a chance to really have you and your partner show something a little more intimate and emotional. You will find many brides say that they love their trash the dress photos much more than the traditional ceremony shots.

Cabo offers the perfect back drop to this traditional, yet unique, photo shoot. Take a water taxi out to Playa del Amor with your photographer. What could be more perfect than running into the water with your new husband in your dress on a beach known all over the world for being romantic. Alec and T Photography here in Cabo San Lucas is one of the most talented and well known photography companies. They have plenty of experience with couples wanting to trash the dress in the most beautiful and romantic way possible.

You made the amazing decision to come to Cabo San Lucas and have the wedding of your dreams. You have had the trip of a life time with your family and friends. So keep the fun going and take one more dive before you head home. Whether you call it trash the dress or rock the dress, you will be able to look at your wedding photos and know you had the time of your life here in Cabo.

And don’t worry, the planners at Be That Bride Events are waiting to help you plan your day from start to finish. That way you can have fun and be a little crazy without having to worry about any detail. So pick up the phone and make the easiest decision you will of this whole crazy process, book Be That Bride Events for your special day!

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