Cabo Resorts, Villas, and Venues Oh My!

When planning any wedding, you come across one of the hardest decisions, besides deciding on your date. You have to pick a venue! Picking a venue for a destination wedding  in Cabo is even more stressful. You have so many options between villas, resorts, or some of the most beautiful restaurants for you to tour and envision for your day. Where do you even begin? Lets compare each one so that you have an idea of the pluses and minuses.

Resorts: With a resort, you have many perks. You have your wedding and reception just feet from where you and your guests are staying. You have beautiful ocean back drops and the added benefit of knowing your guests will only have to walk to their rooms once the festivities die down. But you also must consider that some times, getting out of your resort even for an evening or day can be fun for your guests. Many times, especially with all inclusive resorts, you find yourself spending all day long pool side. Of course, sitting pool side in Cabo San Lucas enjoying drinks is not something to complain about! But again you may want to venture outside of the resort for your special day.

Villas: With a villa wedding, you have the luxury of privacy. You get to enjoy the quiet and personal feel that is offered by having just your family/friends with you in one house. You can be confident in knowing you won’t be disturbed by any outside guest or group during your wedding or reception. However, you also have to consider that the fun of a resort and relaxing benefit of having a pool side bartender is not available in a private villa. You just have to consider whether you are wanting to enjoy more low key personal time or a more outgoing and adventurous vacation with your friends and family.

Restaurants/Other Venues:  Besides resorts and private villas, Cabo is home to many renown and delicious restaurants and venues for weddings. Having a wedding at some of these will sure that your guests get to experience not only the fun of a wedding, but also the delicious cuisine of one of Cabo’s best restaurants or venues. However, you do also have to consider transportation to and from the event as your guests are not at their hotel or villa at the conclusion of the event.

So with all of these things in mind, you can greatly increase your knowledge of what you are looking to do for your wedding here in Cabo San Lucas.

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