Many couples want the luxury and intimate feeling of a destination wedding. Having only your closest friends and family with you in paradise goes a long way in making your big day all the more meaningful. The amazingly talented wedding planners at Be That Bride Events are the perfect way for you to plan all your details that you have dreamed about, but how to budget for a wedding in Cabo San Lucas. They are the perfect full service wedding planning company to help you every step up the way to planning your wedding day. Contact them to help you budget and receive the best that Cabo has to offer!


First, the number of people you invite will largely influence the type of budget you may have. This is just as true in America as it is here in Cabo. If you have a larger group of 50-75 people, consider an all-inclusive resort like Finisterra for you and your guests. With an all-inclusive package, your food and beverage and many times tables, chairs and linens are all included in one wedding package by the resort. This will cut back on a lot of money spend on many different vendors.

Second, the type of floral arrangement you desire will be a huge part of your budget. Here in Cabo, there are very few flowers that grow in Mexico. Because of this, florist have to have flowers delivered from the main land Mexico or from Holland. This will influence how much certain flowers will be for you here. If you have a smaller floral budget, consider a simple flower and smaller arrangements around your reception. Many brides will even spend the money on beautiful bouquets and repurpose those as center pieces.

Third, the time of year that you decide to get married will also determine the type of pricing you will receive on rooms and flights to Cabo San Lucas. The busiest time of year is usually March-June simply because the temperature has not started to climb too high just yet. So when trying to decide the perfect date, look at flights and room pricing during certain times of year if you are trying to budget more for certain aspects of your wedding. Cabo is beautiful year round, so no matter when you decide to get married here, you will have a gorgeous day when your wedding day arrives.


Considering some of these things will help with the planning process for a more budget conscious bride. Weddings can be expensive, but lucky for you destination weddings not only get you your wedding day, but a vacation as well. So don’t stress too much! You will have plenty of time to relax as you enjoy your pre and post wedding vacation here in Cabo San Lucas.

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