Bridal Shoes For Your Wedding in Cabo.

So you’ve decided to have your wedding in Cabo! You’ve picked the place, the dress, the décor….now for the big decision of your bridal shoes. Many brides are reluctant to pass up the chance to wear an amazing pair of high heeled bridal shoes and go either barefoot or choose a more casual and comfortable pair instead. Before making that decision be sure you are familiar with the surroundings of your ceremony and reception. can help you with this by letting you know how far you will have to walk and the path you will take. Wether your ceremony is actually on the sand or not, keep in mind that you will want to comfortable in your bridal shoes because you will be in them all day. However, choosing to go barefoot or accessorized with foot jewelry for your ceremony then putting on a stunning pair of shoes for pictures and part of the reception is always a choice if you are true shoe lover.


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