Bouquet toss during your Destination Wedding in Los Cabos!

This is one of the old traditions that in these days in not very popular, however, if you would like to add this tradition you will have a funny dance that your guests will enjoy.

Today, the bouquet toss is considered to be a symbol of the bride casting off her last tie to single life, as well as a gesture of generosity – sharing her bounty of love and commitment. The one who catches the bouquet, is supposed to be the next to marry.

In this tradition, the DJ should call to all the single ladies or even better he can call to all the ladies in your party, having a bit up dance inviting them to dance with you and catches the bouquet. Of course you will select your preferred song for this moment.

In order to add this tradition, without losing your bouquet, ask to your Wedding Designer at  to order to your florist a small bouquet toss, or also one of your bridesmaids can donate hers to the toss, maybe she will get in back!

If you are having the Garter Toss as well, maybe the MC can ask to the couple who catches the garter and the bouquet to dance together and continue the party after that!

Any of the traditions are mandatory, you are free to add or take out any of them to your Destination Wedding.

Have fun and enjoy your selections.

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