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DIY Weddings | How You Can Prepare Your Home for Your Big Day

By denise | November 7, 2018

Weddings seem to get more and more expensive and grand with each passing year. One way to cut back costs that could be going to a honeymoon or even a down payment on a property is to use your home in some fashion. Here are some low-cost, high-impact ways you can transform your home for…

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Great Beach Wedding Photos

By denise | July 20, 2018

Great Beach Wedding Photos In addition to the great Cabo Arch as background, a lovely sunny day will always make your wedding photos rock. Also add family, food, drinks and a lot of fun, you get the idea. Get in touch with someone at BeThatBrideEvents team so we can help you decide your best options.…

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Romantic Elopement Destination

By denise | July 12, 2018

Romantic Elopement Destination There is a trend these days to have an elopement wedding, so here is an excellent option. Thanks to the romantic sense you can get by escaping to the beach, Los Cabos will make you fell more in love with your significant other. Rather to consider an elopement as a secret marriage,…

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Beach Front Wedding Venue

By denise | July 7, 2018

Beach Front Wedding Venue Seems like a lot of couples love to have a beach view for their wedding. However having the wedding reception on the beach it’s tricky. Therefore at Cabo we have plenty of venue options for you to choose. Contact a team member from BeThatBrideEvents to talk about your vision. Their are…

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Wonderful Wedding Venue

By denise | June 20, 2018

Wonderful Wedding Venue Looking for the ideal place to have a small wedding? Seems like we have the best option for you: Sunset Da Mona Lisa. Intimate weddings are usual when thinking in destination weddings. Get in contact with BeThatBrideEvents so we can answer all your questions. Furthermore, talking about Sunset Da Mona Lisa, we…

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Best Cabo Wedding Resorts

By denise | June 13, 2018

Best Cabo Wedding Resorts Searching for a place in Los Cabos to host your unique destination wedding? Pueblo Bonito must be in your top list! Contact our BeThatBrideEvents team to help you make the best decisions for your destination wedding at Cabo! Seems like for Justine and Simon, it was a wedding day better than…

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Amazing Cabo Wedding Venue

By denise | June 6, 2018

Amazing Cabo Wedding Venue! Maybe you have already seen pictures of this venue before, but it keeps surprising us with its beauty! Sunset Da Mona Lisa is one of our top recommendations at Cabo San Lucas. Contact BeThatBrideEvents and we will be more than glad to talk about this venue with you. Probably you are…

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Mexican Theme Destination Wedding

By denise | May 30, 2018

Mexican Theme Destination Wedding Los Cabos is definitely one of your best options for this. Beach, fun, mariachi, flowers, food, colors, drinks, do you need more to be said? Oh yes, and tequila!! Of course there are many venues to chose from in Cabo, however for Taylor and Brian this was an easy choice. It…

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Amazing Cabo Villa Wedding

By denise | May 26, 2018

Amazing Cabo Villa Wedding At BeThatBrideEvents we love challenges. So having a destination wedding in a Villa, is a challenge we are always willing to take. Plus, there are many different Villas in Cabo to chose from. Ask us for more information to find the perfect one for your destination wedding. The Villa for this…

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Colorful Cabo Destination Wedding

By denise | May 23, 2018

Colorful Cabo Destination Wedding This couple is one of the most fun we have worked with! The way it all turned out on the wedding day is just a reflection of how great they are together. The location this time, one of our favorites: Fiesta Americana. We knew, since the moment we met Dustyn and…

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Best Wedding Sunset View

By denise | May 16, 2018

Best Wedding Sunset View Searching how to get both an extraordinary location and excellent food for your wedding? We have the venue for you: Sunset Da Mona Lisa! As BeThatBrideEvents we know the importance of having it all for your one and unique wedding day. We as usual first listen to what you have dreaming…

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Excellent Cabo Wedding Venue

By denise | May 9, 2018

Excellent Cabo Wedding Venue Combining colors for your wedding ceremony is something you must consider if you are having a destination wedding! Prove it for yourself with this amazing photos taken of course by the best, Alec&T. Contact us, BeThatBrideEvents, to get advantage of our years of expertise doing weddings at Cabo. We have learned so…

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