Best Wedding Sunset View

Searching how to get both an extraordinary location and excellent food for your wedding? We have the venue for you: Sunset Da Mona Lisa!

As BeThatBrideEvents we know the importance of having it all for your one and unique wedding day. We as usual first listen to what you have dreaming of and find you the best place in Cabo to make it happen. Sunset Da Mona Lisa is one of those venues were once you are there, it takes your breath away.

Also, this venue does not get it’s name in vane. The sunset view is unbelievable! You can perfectly combine a fancy dinner set up and still get amazing photos since the beach is really close to the venue.

Another plus for this great place is the food! Oh my God, everyone loves it! Again you can choose from several options they already have, and they all are tasty. Don’t forget that we will be there in the whole process to give you the best advice at each step.

Most of all, just view this lovely pictures and the contact us! Thanks to Rachel and Garrick for being such an amazing couple. Working with you guys was a blast for us, however nothing compares to the light of your faces after saying yes I do at the ceremony. We would do it all again if we could!

Have a happy life together with your already gorgeous family!!

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