Beauty and the Beach Part One: Perfect Cabo Wedding Hairstyles

Every bride has a million things to worry about when planning a wedding. Your hairstyle for the big day, especially in a beautiful place like Cabo San Lucas, should be just like Cabo: fun, easy, and beautiful!

With over 360 days of clear skies and sunshine, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to have an outdoor destination wedding. With some planning and preparation you can easily adjust your perfect wedding ‘do for your big day.

When you come to a beautiful, exotic location like Cabo San Lucas for your destination wedding, it’s okay to literally let your hair down! Be That Bride Events has local talent who know the climate and can help you find the perfect hairstyle for the rehearsal dinner, wedding and even for the reception.

However, if you prefer to do your hair yourself or have a trusted friend along to style it, you should be prepared with the correct products. Heat and humidity can play havoc with your hair, so a protective serum will help keep the hair cuticle tightly closed to avoid the dreaded frizzes (Thankfully humidity in Cabo comes only a couple months out of the year!). It’s a good idea to entrust a family member who will be nearby throughout the day with it, in case you need a touch up.

Hair is damaged by the sun, just like skin, so be sure to bring along mists or a serum with a UV blocker to avoid burning your hair and scalp. Most salons can recommend the right one for you. Aveda Sun Care Protective Veil, or Paul Mitchell Sun are two great products that will protect your hair, giving it a nice shiny, healthy look without weighing it down.

If you are trying a new look, it might be a good idea to practice styling it and wearing it for several hours a few weeks before the wedding. This will ensure it is a style you can easily manage yourself, and that your veil and accessories will work with it. You will also want to be sure it’s the look you truly desire immortalized in your wedding photos.

Remember though, it’s okay to do something different with your hair, even if it feels a little risky or wild for you, that’s the spirit in sun-loving, fun-loving Cabo San Lucas!

With their full service wedding planning packages, Be That Bride Events will set you up with some of the best hair stylists that Cabo has to offer. The wonderful staff is always looking to help you plan your perfect day, so contact Be That Bride Events and make sure you get the day (and the hairstyle!) that you dreamed of!





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