Beach Front Wedding Venue

Seems like a lot of couples love to have a beach view for their wedding. However having the wedding reception on the beach it’s tricky. Therefore at Cabo we have plenty of venue options for you to choose.

Contact a team member from BeThatBrideEvents to talk about your vision. Their are venue options for almost any idea a bride has in mind. This time we will talk about an incredible hotel: Casa Dorada.

Casa Dorada is located by the Medano beach in Cabo. First of all, this means you get to stay at a resort with a swimmable beach in front! Also, it’s proximity to Cabo’s downtown makes it a great choice to have dinner or just a drink in many of the restaurants and bars near the hotel.

Since we mentioned that not all brides are likely to have the reception or ceremony on the beach, this resort has both possibilities. You can decide between the wonderful terrace seen on the next photos or going completely on the beach for the whole wedding.

We have to give a special thank to Sara Richardson for sharing these photos with us. As always, it was a pleasure to work together and the newlyweds couldn’t be captured better than by you and your team.

In addition, if you have your wedding at Casa Dorada, you will love the food, beverages, service and the spa!! It’s no wonder why Lyndsay and Mike chose this beach front wedding venue! All their family and friends enjoyed the decision they made and had a blast for the whole weekend.

Thanks for choosing and trusting your unique wedding day to Be That Bride Events. We will be waiting to see you again at this beautiful beach destination.


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