legal wedding in cabo
legal wedding in cabo

Non-denominational Ceremony

What you need to know in regards to the legalities of getting married in Mexico, Los Cabos specifically, is that there are two types of ceremonies.

The most popular is the non-denominational ceremony which does not change your marital status anywhere in the world so most couples get married in the U. S., or their home country, beforehand.  You, the couple, may participate in this symbolic ceremony including vows, ring exchange, prayer, song, readings, etc.  and a  minister can perform these ceremonies who will provide you with a certificate of marriage.  Be that Bride Events can arrange for the person to perform the wedding for you.

The civil ceremony must be performed by a judge, must be in Spanish (English translation simultaneous) and must follow vows established by the State of Baja Sur and cannot be modified.  Other legal requirements include,


      1.  Copy of birth certificate of bride and groom
      2.  Copy of photo ID of bride and groom
      3.  Completed marriage application (sent to you in advance by your wedding specialist)
      4.  Copy of photo IDs for four witnesses
      5.  Laboratory blood tests– to be performed in Los Cabos, approximately $200 US (cost may change). Required to confirm blood type and STD status.
      6. Immigration form/tourist card, provided to you when you entered the country.

There are a few extra things to know if either party are widowed, divorced, adopted or a Mexican national.

Give us a call at Be that Bride Events!  We’ll guide you through the process.

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