Assigning your guest’s tables for your Cabo Wedding Dinner!

This task should be very easy for you. You just need to think about having your guests to feel very comfortable with each other. Assign close to your side table your closest family and close to his side table his closest family. Start from there and then the secondary family for each one on the next tables, and last but not least, all your friends.

Now work with your escort cards, make sure that you have the names and last names at each one, or choose a nickname (if all your guests have one) and the assigned table.

Select something different and fun to tag the escort cards, like starfishes, small bottles of tequila, shot glasses, etc.

Also you can have an easel with some string lines to hang the cards with nice tweezers.

Because at Los Cabos we have windy areas, also you can thing in set your escort cards on a wooden box with some sand on it, beach idea as well!

Talk with your Wedding Designer at  and she will help you with some ideas accordingly with the venue for your reception!

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