Grooms Corner

Confession time!!   I’ve been blogging about Cabo Destination Weddings for quite a while now, and I am ready to admit I may have been a bit remiss.  My blogs focus on individualizing Cabo Destination Weddings, designing events and creating wedding memories that highlight each couple’s unique personality.  We have come to expect positive feedback from our brides, and believe me, we truly enjoy that.  However, I think we may have overlooked some subjects that could really help our grooms, and that is about to change!

We are (drumroll, please) announcing The Groom’s Corner!  Brides you can alert your grooms that each week for a while my blogs will focus on groom-centered issues like proposing in Cabo, dressing comfortably for a tropical wedding, bachelor parties in Cabo, and so on.  I know that guys are typically concerned about wedding foods and wedding costs, and I will be writing a series of blogs with that in mind!

Best wishes for a romantic, creative, fun wedding!


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