Add some funny Signs to your Cabo Wedding!

Having some instructions for your guests will make the event much easier!

Talk with your Wedding Designer at for some ideas and material that will work better at your chosen venue.

You can use wooden, frames, easels, hanging signs, canvas, etc.

Give direction to your guests exactly where to go.

When you’re having your Ceremony on the beach, a place with a sign for putting shoes will work really nice.

Before the ceremony, a little girl may announce when you will be walking down the aisle!

If you are having some different kind of guest book, maybe with a Polaroid camera for your guest to take pictures and stick it there, make sure having a sign asking to your guest what they are supposed to do, a short and sweet note standing next to it will help a lot.

A hanging sign at your chairs with a Bride & Groom, Sr. y Sra. or Mr. and Mrs. will be really nice touch.

You can let your guests know your most important dates with a really cute sign.

With all the signs you will add more decoration to your Wedding set up, go for it and have fun!!!

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