5 Days Of Romance and Fun In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is full of many different things to experience and enjoy. The beautiful atmosphere, the entertainment, the delicious food. It all sets the stage for why Cabo is considered one of the most romantic places in the world. You want to make your trip here the most romantic and memorable week of your life. Lucky for you, we have the perfect 5 days for your trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Day 1- You have been flying all day long and are both drained from the chaos of traveling. However, you have planned ahead and have champagne and room service sent up to your room for you both to enjoy sitting on your deck while you relax to start your vacation.

Day 2- You wake up refreshed and want to explore Cabo. You walk around downtown, shopping and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. To end the day you decide to take a sunset cruise. Here you can enjoy a glass or wine and the beautiful surroundings as you watch the sunset on the city. Nothing says romance like that!

Day 3- After your wonderful cruise, you want to relax and enjoy the luxury that all the resorts here in Cabo have to offer. You grab a spot by the pool and order some refreshing cocktails. With a margarita in your hand as you look over the clear blue ocean and pool, you will be in pure bliss.

Day 4- The food in Cabo San Lucas is amazing. Tonight you want to head on over to Sunset Da Mona Lisa and grab a delicious italian feast while you take in the city lights and the beautiful Cabo Arch. You will truly feel like you are in paradise as you take in the views from this amazing restaurant.

Day 5- On your last night in Cabo, you decide to have a little fun to end your amazing trip. Head downtown for the night and go dancing! You are in Mexico so embrace the fun and flirty music as you dance the night away.

No matter what you may do here in Cabo, you will be creating memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Cabo San Lucas is full of adventure and fun  and romance that you will never be able to forget. You may even decide that one day you need to have your beautiful wedding here. When that day comes, contact us at Be That Bride Events and let us plan your every details.


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