Cabo Destination to-do list

Your plans for your Cabo destination wedding ceremony and celebration have focused on the big picture and on your guests.  The last night as a single woman, put your mind at ease for your big day by indulging is some bride-focused activities before you retire for the night!

1. Try on your dress.

 Come on…it’s spectacular, and your time wearing it will be short!  Enjoy the luxury of looking at yourself in the mirror.  Tomorrow your groom and guests will see what a fabulous bride you are!  Realizing that you will be spending hours moving around in your dress tomorrow, practice a bit and get the feel of it!   Practice moving with your train.  If it is one that needs to be attached to your dress to be made shorter for your reception, be clear on how to do that.  So, try on you dress, and let your excitement build!

2. Get your bridal bag together.

By now you are an expert at planning and packing…look at all you have had to bring with you for the wedding!  Now, plan what personal things you need to have with you at the wedding.  The groom has pockets in his suit or tux, and maybe you even have a pocket or two in your gown – some designers are now including them!  However, if your gown doesn’t afford you the luxury of pockets, or if you have more things to take with you than will fit in your dress pockets, then in the quiet, collected privacy of your room, think it out clearly and pack what you need so that you are prepared.  Similarly, if you and your new husband are going to leave things for your parents or friends to take home, be sure that you have first packed what you will need packed separately for your honeymoon.  This is one place where that “stitch in time” can alleviate frustrations on your wedding day.

3. Exfoliate.

Indulge yourself!  Pamper your skin, exfoliate one more time, and consciously RELAX!  If that means a bubble bath, go for it!  If it includes listening to your favorite music while you get organized and shave your legs, do it!

4. Go over your vows.

You may have chosen to write your own vows.  Review what you’ve written.  You are embarking on a wonderful adventure with the man you love, so practice reading or repeating them out loud as you will tomorrow.  Listen to them, and then relax and dream of your wonderful destination wedding tomorrow!

– Marci –

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